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Thank you for visiting Technology In, the best legal research portal on the Internet. The site is non-profit, free, and we hope you will use it freequently.

Three columns of information (State & Federal, Practice Area, and Research & Investigation) on one page make the site extremely fast to navigate. Using the anchor links to access sub-sections below makes research faster than even with a search engine. For example, the ICC arbitration rules are found with two clicks (Arbitration, ICC Rules) here, versus having to type the words in a search engine then click on the result. Users will hopefully discover helpful resources to support the research of any person, company, factual or legal issue.

Technology In is intended for all litigation professionals including paralegals, legal assistants, legal technology specialists, as well as attorneys. Perhaps even non-litigation professionals will find it helpful.


Technology In is free and not-for-profit.

The decision to include any link can be made for different subjective reasons.

With very rare exception, the linked site must be free. Generally, sites that are only useable by subscribers or at a fee are not included (hence, no link to Westlaw). Exceptions are noted in the discription of the linked site.

The linked site must provide substantive information that could benefit the litigation professional with the research, organization, or presentation of a case or, at least, provide news or other resources potentially useful in daily life.

The linked site has to be updated, organized and professional. Many promising sites have out of date content or broken links, thus are not included.

In areas where many similar sites occupy a given field (e.g. "people finders") the decision to include any site is generally based on a combination of the site's functionality, longevity, and reputation.

The "Newstand" section is derived of hometown newspapers from cities represented by the largest clusters of users as shown by site analytics. News providers that rely on subscriptions for access to articles are usually not included.

The "Vendors" section is included for convenience only and is agnostic as to the merits of any particular business.


Please feel free to use the "SubmitSite" button on the main page to suggest addional linked pages, report broken links, or provide feedback of any kind.

Alvin F. Lindsay